by Marcel Batík

EXAR Waveguides

EXAR waveguides represent all the knowledge gained during the last several years spent on horn design, based both on numerical models and practical experiments. The main features are extremely low diffraction, well-controlled directivity and low-frequency extension. Compared to traditional CD designs, these waveguides provide a substantial low-frequency gain without compromising the directivity, which has long been a holy grail of horn design.

Designed with 3D printing in mind, these offer a cost-effective DIY solution. STL kits for 3D printing are available in the links below.

More about the low-frequency extension can be found in the Technical Note.

EXAR 400-25

This is one of the bigger waveguides (approx. 40 cm / 16" in diameter) for a standard 1" exit compression driver, suitable to be used together with either a 15" or 12" low-frequency transducer. Expected lower frequency limit with most drivers is around 600 Hz.

Datasheet (pdf) / STL kit available via Cults3D

EXAR 340-20

Preliminary / Work in progress

This waveguide integrates all the tricks: smooth free-air transition, low-frequency extension and a throat ring plug. Compared to the EXAR 400-25, this waveguide offers a bit wider and even better controlled directivity.

More to come...

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