ATHEX Waveguides

ATHEX ("ATH-hEXagonal") are high-performance acoustic waveguides with an emphasis put on ease of DIY manufacturing.
The waveguide shape is composed of a short circle-to-hexagon adapter and six smoothly connected bended petals.
The result is a class of low-diffraction R-OSSE horns with performance on par with their round variants.

The devices are numbered as X-Y, where X is the (smallest) mouth dimension and Y is the throat diameter in millimeters.
All ATHEX waveguides are BEM optimized using R&D Team ABEC 3.

260-25 E-280-25
⌀ 260/300 x 72 mm
Throat: ⌀25 mm/19°
3D preview
⌀ 280/323 x 140 mm
Throat: ⌀25 mm/7.2°
3D preview
⌀ 520/600 x 212 mm
Throat: ⌀25 mm/6°
3D preview
460-25 460-36
⌀ 460/530 x 188 mm
Throat: ⌀25 mm
3D preview
⌀ 460/530 x 265 mm
Throat: ⌀36 mm/6°
3D preview

At the moment, import scripts for Autodesk Fusion 360 and general STEP files are available.
To use the attached ASC files (included in the .zip CAD bundles), download the script under this link,
add it as a user script into Fusion 360 and run it. Select the downloaded ASC file when asked for an input file.

There may be several variants of the CAD files, numbered X-Y-Z, with Z being the full throat angle in degrees.

Online 3D sample (260-25 ASC file imported and lofted)
ASC File Format (pdf)

All published waveguides are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Devices of other sizes and parameters are available on request.

The latest update: August 8, 2023

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If interested in the project, please contact the author via e-mail or the diyAudio thread.