Advanced Transition Horns

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"Ath" is a freeware acoustic horn/waveguide design tool. Constant directivity waveguides of various shapes and sizes were never so easy to design and test. Create your own model and examine it with BEM analysis using R&D Team's ABEC (*). Ath will generate all the necessary files for you with just a few keystrokes.

Following Dr. Earl Geddes' footsteps, state-of-the-art waveguide formula was developed, extending and improving what is known as oblate spheroidal (OS) waveguide:

OS-SE formula in Desmos calculator
(For more details about the formula please see the Appendix in the User Guide)

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(*) Since ABEC changed to AKABAK in the meantime and there seem to be some compatibility issues, you may still want to use the old version of ABEC 3 until the issue is resolved.

Contact: Marcel Batík