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by Marcel Batík

Work on horns / original papers:

[1]OS-SE Waveguide (pdf)
Novel profile formula for baffle-mounted horns, 2020.
[2]R-OSSE Acoustic Waveguide (pdf)
Novel parametric formula for free-standing horns, 2022.
[3]Spherical Wave Forming (pdf)
Apparatus for flat-to-spherical wavefront transformation for constant directivity, 2021.
[4]Extended-Throat Waveguides
Technical Note, 2023.
[5]EXAR Waveguides - Segmentizing a horn
Analytic method of separation of axisymmetric horns into segments, 2024.

Associated diyAudio threads: Theory & Design | Practicalities

Interactive waveguide formulas in Desmos calculator: OSSE | R-OSSE

Current state-of-the-art devices:

EXAR EXAR Waveguides
ATH-280EX Extended, pure R-OSSE WG, 1" throat, ⌀280 mm / STL file via cults3d.com
ATH-280EX-MK2 NEW: Improved version of the 280EX, 1" throat, ⌀280 mm
ATH-330EX NEW: Bigger version of the 280EX-MK2, 1" throat, ⌀330 mm
ATH-300EX/S NEW: Wider-coverage waveguide, 0.75" throat, ⌀300 mm

Older projects:

ST260 Basic R-OSSE waveguide, 1" throat, ⌀ 260 mm
ATHEX Hexagonal waveguides with bended petals
ATH-DOME T34B Waveguide for BlieSMa T34B tweeter / STL file via cults3d.com

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